High Sensitivity Helium Leak Detection (HSHLD®)

Our test method is DLA approved for Mil-Std 750 and 883

Our High Sensitivity Helium Leak Detection System (HSHLD®) Model 310 is an ideal way to qualify your product to the new, tighter leak rate requirements. HSHLD® testing is able to provide both FINE and GROSS leak test data in a single test sequence. Devices are typically preconditioned in a pressurized chamber and, after the required conditions are met, the leak rate is measured and recorded.

HSHLD® High Sensitivity Helium Leak Detection – Model 310

HSHLD Model 310

Find out about doing your own leak-rate testing in-house.


    • Helium Tracer Gas
    • Pressurization range: 30-95 psia
    • Minimum detection limit: <1 x 10-12 atm cc/sec He
    • Measurement method: Batch Testing or Read and Record
    • NY and CO Laboratories hold DLA Suitability for:
      • Mil-Std 750 method 1071 condition H1, H2 and H3
      • Mil-Std 883 method 1014 condition A1, A2 and A5
    • Accurate R1 measurements verified by a 2 point linear calibration.
    • No Fluorocarbons Required

Helium hermeticity testing can be modified to suit the testing requirements of your device. We have assisted many clients in creating a custom leak test plan based on their needs.

Expanded Fine Leak for Other Gases and Compounds

Specialized leak testing is available for determining leak rates for gases other than helium. Leak rates of various gases (i.e. Argon, CO2, Acetic Acid, Ethylene Glycol, etc.) may be measured at low leak rates utilizing a specialized mass spectrometer tuned for the particular substance of interest. Applicable standards are normally available in a wide range of leak rates.

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Our HSHLD® system exceeds the most stringent requirements for measuring leak rates of helium and most other gases. We can run the tests for you or you can do them in-house using our equipment. Let us show you how easy it is!


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    • Device Types
    • Large Hybrid Packages
    • IC, Crystals, Relays, Transistor Packages
    • Xenon/Krypton filled lamps
    • Batteries
    • Laser Components
    • Automotive Packages/Sensors
    • Medical packages (pacemakers, cochlear implants, etc)
    • Pressurized cylinders
    • Other unique applications