Fiber Integrity Testing

The primary purpose of fiber integrity testing — required by Telcordia GR-468-CORE, Issue 2 for all optoelectronics and integrated modules with fiber pigtails — is to ensure the attachment of a fiber pigtail to a package. If a fiber provides a wavelength stabilization function, the effect of fiber integrity tests on that function also needs to be examined.

Fiber integrity testing includes:

  • A twist test
  • A side pull test
  • A cable retention test

Test conditions vary depending on whether the fiber pigtails of the modules being coated are tight-buffered versus loose-buffered or reinforced.

Fiber integrity testing
  • Test Specifications / Standards
  • GR-468-CORE
  • (, – GR-326-CORE,

Oneida Research Service’s fiber integrity equipment is designed so special fixturing is not required for most optical components. Our staff has a history of working in the optoelectronics industry. We are comfortable and experienced with handling and testing components with fiber.

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