X-Ray Inspection

X-Ray Inspection can be an effective, non-destructive inspection tool. This form of interactive analysis provides internal viewing of an assembly’s design, internal components, workmanship and potential latent quality issues. Digital X-ray technology has added a new dimension to X-ray inspection that extends beyond traditional film-based cabinet type technology, including the use of specially devised algorithms for void analysis.

The term “digital” in digital X-ray service refers to the technology of image acquisition where the data is collected or transferred to electronically stored media. Digital Radiography detector technologies such as Image Intensifiers and solid-state panels can vary in size and pixel counts. Digital radiography-based systems can offer the ability to view a sample while manipulating magnification, X-Y directions, rotation, tilting and exposure. This is referred to as real-time radiography.

The advantage over traditional cabinet X-ray inspection is the improved imaging at magnification and the ease of image optimization. Actively inspecting a device under manipulation is known as real-time X-ray inspection. Real-time X-ray systems can be equipped to mechanically rotate a device in steps through a defined angular sequence while collecting individual exposures. The exposures are assembled into a 3-dimensional model where thin slices of the device can be generated and viewed, or stitched into 3D renderings referred to as Computed Tomography or CT-Scans.

ORS Inc. has three digital X-ray systems from the leading X-ray manufacturers, each with unique platforms and technology, allowing versatility to provide the best possible inspection of your devices.

ORS has over 30 years of experience providing X-ray radiography services to the microelectronic, semiconductor and PCBA industries. ORS X-ray inspection is DLA suitable for Mil-Std 883 TM 2012 and Mil-Std 750 TM 2076 Radiography inspection.


  • Submicron spot size
  • Automatic void identification and measurement software
  • Maximum inspection area of 18″ by 16″ (458mm by 407mm)
  • Image analysis and measurement software
  • System (geometric) magnification up to 4800X (up to 1400X)
  • Oblique angle view 0 to 45 degrees
  • Digital Imaging

Printed Circuit Board

  • Solder Joint Formation
  • Metallization Defects & Registrations
  • Via Alignment

Ceramic Packages

  • Frit Seals
  • Foreign Material
  • Die Attach

Metal Packages

  • Lid Seals
  • Die Attach
  • Opaque Particles

Plastic Packages

  • Die Placement
  • Die attach voiding
  • Bond Wire Sweep

Ball Grid Arrays

  • Solder Sphere Formation & Voiding
  • Die Attach

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