IVA®, HSHLD® & Delta-P Instrument Sales

ORS understands that laboratory testing can only get our clients so far. You may also need to monitor and test your products on-site in order to maintain quality throughout the manufacturing process or to identify problem areas in another process. For this reason, we also sell RGA and Hermetic test equipment (including our IVA® Model 210s Internal Vapor Analyzer and our HSHLD® Model 310 High Sensitivity Helium Leak Detector) as well as Getter Sorption testing equipment (our Delta-P Model 410) to enable testing and analysis on-site at your facility.

Our RGA gas analysis test equipment includes solutions for helium leak detection, oxygen leak detection, argon leak detection, and high sensitivity helium leak detection (HSHLD), along with testing tools to meet Military Standards, including Mil-Std 883, method 1014, condition A5 and more.

The ORS Equipment Sales division currently offers a wide range of products to meet many different testing and monitoring needs, including:


IVA® Model 210s

Qualify Packages in House

With the IVA® Model 210s Internal Vapor Analyzer, you can perform package moisture and gas analysis, on-site at your facility. This is a user-friendly test system for monitoring the quality of your hermetic packaging processes. IVA® Technology was invented by ORS and offers the most accurate and reproducible data in the industry.


Delta-P Model 410

Develop Proprietary Compounds in House

Having an in-house getter analysis system is ideal for conducting internal research and developing proprietary compounds. ORS can customize your Delta-P 410 system to fit your precise gas, vapor, material, temperature or pressure requirements. This includes different chamber size options to match your testing needs. Delta-P Sorption Testing is applicable for three primary types of hydrogen sorption: Hydride Sorption, Sorption by Reduction and Hydrogenation Sorption.


HSHLD® Model 310

Meeting the New Reject Limits Just Got Easier

With the HSHLD® Model 310 High Sensitivity Helium Leak Detector, you are able to complete Dry Gross and Fine Leak Testing in one, fast, automated cycle, with Fine Leak rate detection to 10-12 atm cc/sec He. The system can be tailored to your device types and custom Tracer Gas Configurations are available (O2, Ar, Xe, N2, etc.). No Fluorocarbon Testing required and the HSHLD® Model 310 meets the Military Standard Test Requirements, including Mil-Std 883, Method 1014 Class K Devices & Mil Std 750 1071.