Comparison of INO internal micro-Pirani measurement and ORS’ HR-IVA gas analysis total pressure measurement

Influence of ceramic package internal components on the performance of vacuum sealed uncooled bolometric detectors…

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ORS Commercial Practice for IVA®

The purpose of this test method is to quantitatively measure the relative concentration of the internal vapor content, including water vapor, in gas filled hermetically sealed devices using a mass spectrometry technique….

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Ensuring mission-critical component success with DPA testing

Destructive Physical Analysis (DPA) is essential used primarily for testing for the viability of mission-critical aerospace and military equipment. It’s a series of methods that involves thoroughly examining electronic components such as microcircuits and semiconductors to uncover construction deviations and workmanship anomalies. When lives are on the line or failure is not an option, DPA testing is an essential step that serves as final audit.

Detecting Moisture Failures in Sealed Electronic Devices

Moisture is a pervasive and existential threat to the performance of all microelectronic products.  It can undermine the efficiency and dependability of mission-critical devices in your customers’ systems. In hermetically sealed microelectronic devices, the presence of any moisture, whether evolved from package materials or due to leakage – no matter how small – can cause component failure or malfunction.

Oneida Research Services Acquires IGA Division From Atlantic Analytical Laboratory

WHITESBORO, New York: Oneida Research Services, Inc. (ORS) announces the acquisition of the Internal Gas Analysis (IGA) division of Atlantic Analytical Laboratory (AAL). IGA is a critical test for qualifying electronic components for military, space, telecom and medical applications. The analytical technique is a quantitative measurement of sealed gases to ensure that high-reliability electronic components do not contain moisture or other gases that may cause premature product failure.