Consulting Services & Areas of Expertise

Consulting Services BoxOneida Research Services, Inc. recognizes that not all clients have the full range of in-house expertise or engineering staff time to best apply the powerful laboratory techniques offered by ORS to help solve complex component, packaging, process, board, and general reliability-related failures and material analysis problems. For this reason, expert consulting services are available from ORS and industry experts.

Throughout its almost 40 years of providing materials analysis services to the electronics industry, ORS has established ongoing working relationships with experts in the field of applied analytical chemistry, materials/processing technology, quality systems, and component reliability. ORS and its industry experts have a wealth of experience in applying laboratory technology to solve your materials/processing, reliability, or process yield problems.

We are available to consult with you, at your facility whenever appropriate, to provide technical expertise on a wide range of materials and process technology issues.

  • Technical assistance for start-up businesses (e.g. Fiber Optic, Optoelectronics and MEMS) to assist in package material selections and compliance with qualification standards is available to maximize the time and budget constraints of clients.
  • Single to multi-day training seminars on various subjects including RGA analysis methodologies and interpretation of RGA testing data are available on-site at your facility.

Contact Daniel Rossiter for information on consultations and training seminars.

Areas of Expertise

Hermetic Package Analysis:

  • Moisture Control
  • Corrosion Control
  • Specialized Leak Testing
  • Internal Vapor Analysis (IVA® / RGA)
  • Resolution of Moisture Measurement Conflicts
  • Outgassing of Materials Internal to Hermetic Packages
    (e.g. adhesives, plated materials, etc.)
  • Hydrogen Desorption/Outgassing
  • Internal Condensation Effects
  • New Flux Technology
  • Organic Materials Identification
  • Absorption, Adsorption, and Chemisorption of Water

Component Reliability:

  • Process Control
  • Adhesive Selection
  • Component Failure Analysis
  • Electronic Assembly Soldering
  • Military Specifications / Standards
  • Wire Bonding Process Improvements
  • Chlorofluorocarbon Solvent Elimination
  • Hybrid Packaging Materials Technology
  • Contamination ID and Control (Including Human-Sourced Ionic and  Particulate Contaminants)
  • Cleaning Processes and Procedures

Controlling Process Chemicals:

  • Chemical Specifications
  • Purity Control
  • Laboratory Methods
  • Acceptance Criteria
  • Acceptance Screening Procedures
  • Customer/Supplier Relationships

Training Seminars:

  • Interpretation of RGA Data
  • Failure Analysis Techniques
  • Hydrogen Desorption Studies
  • Test Method 5011 Rationale and Testing of Adhesives

Technical Affiliates

Mr. Richard Kullberg, Active Materials, LLC

MEMS packaging, Getter efficiency and mass flow studies, Hermeticity, Device Lifetime Enhancement.

  • Examining Internal Gas Compositions of a Variety of Microcircuit Package Types (Download PDF)
  • The Unsettled World of Leak Rate Physics (Download PDF)

Mr. Robert Lowry, Electronic Materials Characterizations

Expertise in the area of surface chemistry, cleanliness, corrosion analysis, and moisture protection and control.

Mr. Phil Schuessler, Schuessler Consulting

Experience in the field of analytical chemistry and materials science in relation to micro-electronic devices, specifically hermetic packaging, Hydrogen outgassing and root cause failure modes of Hybrid devices.

  • Moisture in Microelectronics: Physics and Chemistry of Volatile Species in Electronic Devices (Purchase book)

Allyson Hartzell, Veryst Engineering

Over 30 years’ experience in development, failure analysis and reliability testing of emerging technologies. Expertise in MEMS reliability, MEMS packaging, microelectronic packaging, molecular and particulate contamination, outgassing of materials, plating, surface chemistry and analytical techniques. Expert in failure mechanisms including stiction, corrosion, wear, and fatigue, as well as shock impact, drop test, wire bond, and flip chip failure. Simulation, testing, and consulting based on decades of experience.