Comprehensive testing & analytical services

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  • Getter Sorption Testing
  • Destructive Physical Analysis
  • Package Gas Analysis
  • Construction Analysis
  • Failure Analysis
  • Environmental Testing
  • Mechanical Testing
  • Comprehensive Testing & Analytical Services

    Delta P Model 410 Getter Sorption AnalyzerDelta P Model 410 Getter Sorption Analyzer

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    Develop proprietary compounds with on-site getter testing

    Delta-P Model 410 Getter Sorption Analyzer

    High Sensitivity Helium Leak DetectorHigh Sensitivity Helium Leak Detector

    High-Sensitivity Helium Leak Detection
    (HSHLD®) Testing

    Now DLA approved for stricter
    leak-rate requirements!

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    A proud history of innovation - 40 years strongORS employeesORS testing equipment

    Our Proud History of Innovation

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    ORS executives
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  • Bond Pull & Die Shear
  • Metallization Inspection
  • Cu Wire Inspection
  • Nitric & Sulfuric Acid Etch
  • Laser Decapsulation
  • PEM Bond & Die Inspection