Frequently Used DPA Methods


1018Internal Gas Analysis (IGA)
1022Resistance to Solvents
1071Hermetic Seal
2017Die Attach Integrity
2037Bond Strength (Destructive Bond Pull Test)
2052Particle Impact Noise Detection (PIND) Test
2068External Visual for Nontransparent Glass-encased, Double Plug, Noncavity Axial Leaded Diodes
2069Pre-cap Visual, Power MOSFETs
2070Pre-cap Visual Microwave Descrete and Multichip Transistors
2071Visual and Mechanical Examination
2072Internal Visual Transistor (pre-cap) Inspection
2073Visual Inspection for Die (Semiconductor Diode)
2074Internal Visual Inspection (Discrete Semiconductor Diodes)
2077Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) Inspection of Metallization
2078Internal Visual for Wire Bonded Diodes/Rectifiers
2101Destructive Physical Analysis for Diodes
2102Destructive Physical Analysis for Wire Bonded Devices


1014Seal (Hermeticity)
1018Internal Gas Analysis (IGA)
1034Dye Penetrant Test (Dye Impregnation)
2009External Visual
2010Internal Visual (Monolithic)
2011Bond Strength (Destructive Bond Pull Test)
2013Internal Visual Inspection for DPA
2014Internal Visual and Mechanical
2015Resistance to Solvents
2017Internal Visual (Hybrid)
2018Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) Inspections
2019Die Shear Strength
2020Particle Impact Noise Dection Test (PIND)
2021Glassivation Layer Integrity
2030Ultrasonic Die Attach Inspection
2032Visual Inspection of Passive Elements
5009Destructive Physical Analysis


9Prohibited Materials Analysis
10.1Capacitors, Fixed Ceramic
10.2Capacitors, Fixed, Ceramic Chip
10.3Capacitor, fixed leaded mica
10.4Capacitor, Fixed, Solid Tantalum
10.8Capacitors, Fixed, Tantalum Slug, Wet Electrolyte
10.10Capacitors, Variable, Piston Type, Sealed and Unsealed
10.11Capacitor, fixed, solid tantalum chip style (MIL-PRF-55365)
10.12Capacitor, fixed, multi-anode solid tantalum chip style
10.13Capacitor, fixed, solid tantalum chip style (Frameless)
10.14Capacitor, fixed ceramic, switch mode power supply (MIL-PRF-49470)
10.15Capacitor, fixed, extended range, ceramic chip (MIL-PRF-32535)
10.16Capacitor, single layer, fixed, ceramic chip (MIL-PRF-49464)
11.1Connectors, multipin, excluding contacts
11.2Connectors, multipin, with contacts
11.5Filtered Connectors
12.1Crystal Units, Quartz
13.1Diodes, Glass Bodied, Axial Leaded and Surface Mount
13.4Diode-can wire bonded constructions
14.1Filters, EMI, Low Pass, Feed-Through
15.1Magnetic Devices, Inductors, and Transformers
15.2Magnetic Devices, RF Coils
15.3Ferrite Chips
16.1Micro circuits, Hermetic, Monolithic, Multichip, and Hybrids
16.3Crystal Oscillators
16.4Multichip Modules
16.5Plastic Encapsulated Microcircuits
16.6Construction Analysis
18.2Resistors, variable, non-wire-wound
18.3Resistor, Metallized Film
18.4Resistors, Fixed, Metal-Foil
18.5Resistors, Fixed, Chip, Style RM
18.6Resistor Networks
18.8Resistors, Fixed, Wirewound, Power, and Wirewound Power, Chassis-Mounted
19.1Switch, Snap Action
19.2Thermal Switches
20.1Thermistor, Glass Bodied, Hermetic
20.2Thermistor, Disc and Bead Encapsulated
23.2Fuses, Glass and Ceramic Substrate Style


209Radiographic Inspection